This website is pretty ass, but I can’t be fucked sorry.


I’m Albin, a 20 year old software developer from Skåne, Sweden. Generally a greyhat.

I started writing C++ when I was 12, then moved to C and later moved into VB.NET which got me into C#. At 15-16 I got into the Unity engine and started doing game networking. Since then I have created a organization called MidLevel focusing on networking tools. My favourite language is C#.

I love lower level programming, cryptography and solving problems on my own.

Privacy freak, I try not to use Google, Facebook and other “unethical” services or support the companies. It’s hard to find a unencrypted device of mine, my iPhoneis almost always rooted. I hate Windows and respect macOS.


Languages I master: C#, Java, JavaScript, Bash, POSIX Shell, Dart

Languages I can use: Powershell, Lua

Random shit I know: JSON, HTML, XML, Brainfuck

Favourite topics: Cryptography, Memory Management, Networking (Everything between network sharing, custom VPN setups and custom reliable protocols), Linux.


Operating System Setup: Arch Linux i3 WM

MidLevel projects

Open Source

Personal projects

Open Source

Closed Source

Random Projects and Intrests